Buuterfly made of fruity breakfast bars

Hello We're Organix!

We were launched with a clear mission to create tasty and nutritious children’s food using the best organic ingredients.

Since then we have led the way in delicious organic foods that little ones love and parents can rely on. We understand that food needs to be simple, tasty, fun and full of goodstuff!

Because when the little ones are filled with tasty food you can trust, that’s when good things happen.


We’ve recently launched our amazing Trade Shop to allow out of home customers to buy Organix products in bulk cases. If this is your 1st time visiting remember to register for an account with us to enable you to see prices, order products and unlock exclusive discounts when you order directly with us.

If you’d like to speak to us about your order or have any other questions, contact us via email trade@organix.com

Why we are passionate

We are better for the planet

At Organix we want to leave the planet the way we found it. That’s why we use Organic ingredients which means we reduce the amount of pesticides entering our soil, water and air.

We are better for tummies

We don’t have a clear picture of the impact of artificial pesticides on tiny tummies, so we think it’s best to avoid them for the time being!

We are better for wildlife

We believe that farming should exist in harmony with nature. And we know that organic farmlands can be a rich haven for all sorts of wildlife, including birds, bees and butterflies when they’re not sprayed with artificial pesticides and fertiliser.